>Book chain – The Power of Two : The David Foster Story with R.F. Edwards


The Power of Two : The David Foster Story with R.F. Edwards (1998)

David Foster is a Tasmanian woodchopping champion – “A giant in his chosen sport, he is also a giant amongst men. Of immense stature and power, with appetites to match and an infectious lust for life, David is a living legend in the woodchopping world and a much-loved icon in his native Tasmania.”

This biography, “is a romp through David Foster’s remarkable life and career, taking in blow-by-blow re-enactments of the big man’s championship duels with axe and saw, his uncompromising views on life, his hilarious yarns . . . and some of the corniest one-liners you’ll ever come across. Read it and you too will be both fan and friend of this big-hearted champion.” – Inside cover.

Book Chain Comments:

  • Looked forward to the read but found it to be repetitive, too much detail about each woodchop. Overuse of inserted humorous comments became annoying. Gave up halfway through. Condensed to half the length may have been more enjoyable.
  • Unfortunately I found I couldn’t really get interested in this book. Browsed through it and read various chapters. Like the above, perhaps a much shorter version would have been better.
  • I too agree with the previous comments – a shorter version would have probably kept my interest a lot more. Nice idea to have something ‘different’ to read though.
  • Bit hard going to bring in each day (reference to size of book – this was a Book Express Book Chain: Book Express being BMCL’s service for train commuters). May be good one for holiday reading?
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