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A review by Library user, Narda, in one of our The Good, the Bad, the Ugly : Reviewed by You journals.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (2007) by Stieg Larsson; translated by Reg Keeland – The Millenium Trilogy #3

Set mainly in Sweden

Plot Summary : It begins with the trilogy’s extraordinary protagonist, Lisbeth Salander’s recovery from critical injury. As she heals, then with her preparations for defence at her trial. If this fails she’ll work on her escape . . .

That there is any real chance of a genuine defence is only made possible through determindly loyal friend and crusading journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, with some assistance from unusual sources and from members of Salander’s ‘hacker family’. The might of a secret state within a government department arrays its formidable forces against exposure – and its iniquitous treatment of a desperate young girl now a woman. It will bury her alive at any cost . . .

Review : In the complex plot the characters are finely drawn, background detailed but never extraneous to supurb story-making.

Each book reads as engrossing narrative (if only one were available at any time) but ideally are best read in sequence.

Praise is due to Reg Keeland (the translator is often overlooked!). His writing is excellent. Does he write for himself I wonder? I’ll have to check . . .

Stieg Larsson’s too early death was a loss to the genre – and literature I feel. I wonder what he might have later written . . . we’ll never know.

Reviewed by : Narda

PS – Reg Keeland, aka Steven T. Murray, an American, founded Fjord Press, works as a full-time free-lance literary translator. He works in several languages – Swedish, German, Danish and Norwegian. He is known for his translations of 5 Henning Mankell novels, especially Sidetracked which was awarded a Gold Dagger of the year.

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  1. Reg says:

    >Thanks for the kind words, but I don't do literature from Dutch or Spanish. Nor have I written any books of my own yet. With the support of Stieg Larsson, however, I may be able to buy some time to do some writing at my advanced age.Fjord Press is about to be reKindled in ebook form, and we'll be bringing back some of our classic mostly Danish literature. Simply search on Amazon.com for "Steven T. Murray" or "Tiina Nunnally." We hope to get down under within the next year and meet some of our antipodean fans.Best wishes from a hot summer in New Mexico!

  2. Alba says:

    >Oops. Will remove Dutch and Spanish from the original post. Thank you for letting us know.

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