The Good The Bad The Ugly : Reviewed by You

A Ticket to the Circus by Norris Church Mailer

Review : At age 52 Norman Mailer, best-selling author and chauvinistic womaniser, decided it was time to settle down and give monogamy a try. He married Norris Church (31) in 1980, five years after they met. He did not manage to stay monogamous but they did stay married until his death in 2007 aged 84.

Beautiful, talented, oservant broad-minded and fun, Norris Church was an excellent companion. Her memoir is a lively account of marriage between two energetic and unusual people.

He gave meaning to her life but without her he would have been lost.

“Well, I bought a ticket to the circuls.
I don’t know why I was surprised to see elephants.” – Norris Church Mailer

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