Read It 2011 – December

And so we come to the last month of Read It 2011.

Have you had some fun? I have.

Have you been taken out of your comfort zone? I have – March was Fantasy (shudders) but with some good solid counselling I’ll get over it!

The theme for December is #summerreads (what to read when it’s hot or hot-reading).

Summer  – the season of sunshine, holidays, relaxation. Not much of the latter until after Christmas and perhaps the first will be in short supply this year too? 

Hot weather reading – do you like to read about hot places or cool down with tales of frosty climes?  Get steamy with some romance, or action-packed adventure. Cool reads include teen reads, graphic novels, fantasy or steampunk.

To cross-promote with another area of my life, one hot read for all of us in our bush fire prone area is the Bush Fire Survival Plan – does each member of your family know what to do if bush fire strikes this summer?

And of course it’s holiday season whether that means the taking time off work type of holiday or the religious celebration type holiday.  There are travel guides to all parts of the world, there are books on Christmas, Hannuka – can’t find anything in our catalogue about my own favourite December holiday, Hogmanay.

Drool over summer recipes, lovely fresh salads, special foods for sharing with friends and family, icecream and sorbet recipes. Yummm.

To help you relax you might like a relaxation CD? You’ll find lots in the music CD racks – they’ll have a purple dot on them, or relaxation books or audio books on the shelves at 158.12 (ask a library staff member to help you navigate the Dewey Decimal System which we use to organise our books). Audio books are perfect for long trips in the car and for when it’s just too hot to hold a book up.

For school age children there’s the annual Summer Reading Club.  This year’s theme is The Amazing Read. Children can sign up from the 1st of December and will get a free kit with bag, bookmarks and sheet for recording their reading. For every 20 books read the children can collect a $5 voucher redeemable at The Turning Page or Megalong book shops.

Whatever you choose to cool down or heat up with, don’t forget to share it with us and join in the Twitter Reading Group on the last Tuesday of the month at 8pm AEST. Use the hash tags #summerreads, #readit2011

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