2012 – The National Year of Reading – January

Did you take part in the Read It 2011 Twitter reading group?

Did you enjoy the monthly themes as much as we did?

Worried what was going to guide your reading in 2012?

Worry no more, the wonderful team in the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group have gathered themselves together for an even bigger reading year in this National Year of Reading and have a new blog, Love2Read, so you can keep on going and share your reading with other readers.

As in Read It 2011, check out the blog for the monthly themes to guide your reading and then you can go to Twitter and use the appropriate hashtag – #NYR12 – to share each title and your thoughts on them. Following this hashtag will also let you find out about other people’s amazing reading.

There will also be a live twitter discussion on the last Tuesday of each month, starting at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (and lasting until about 10pm Western Standard Time).  Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss your ‘Amazing Read’.

If, like me, you don’t do the Twitter thing you can still contribute by adding your comment on the Love2Read blog.

And don’t forget, you can always chat about your reading face-to-face with people – at home ask your kids/partner what they are reading, at work, at school, at your club, on the bus/train/tram, in the supermarket checkout, in the park, while waiting at the dentists . . .

To get you thinking here are the National Year of Reading monthly themes: 

  •  January: The amazing read
  • February : Laugh
  • March : Think
  • April : Feel
  • May : Escape
  • June : Dream
  •  July : Discover
  • August : Question
  • September : Grow
  • October : Explore
  • November : Cry
  • December : love2read
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