Internet Strike!

Did you know that some internet sites will be on strike later this week? 

There is a bill before the US congress called SOPA [The Senate version of the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In the Senate the bill is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).]  A large number of US based internet companies and clients are protesting against the bills.

How does this affect Australia? 

Some of the websites that will be participating in the strike are ones your clients use regularly including Wikipedia (going dark for 24 hours). Read this Reuters article for more information. On the Strike Against SOPA website there is a long list of other sites that have confirmed they are going on ‘strike’.  

The strike will be for 12-24 hours on 18 Januaryin the US which is Thursday 19 January for Australia.  It is not entirely clear to what extent that the strike may affect access to websites in countries outside the US, but we thought it is important enough to alert you to the potential for some disruption.

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