The Good, The Bad, The Ugly : Reviewed by You

Pricing Beauty : the making of a fashion model by Ashley Mears (2010)

Found on the Adult Non-fiction shelves at 338.477 MEA

Ever wanted to be a famous model?

Well, so have many many girls who slink back home after having been chewed up and spat out by a callous industry.

Ashley Mears began as a model. Then she asked questions. finally she wrote this sociological study (her doctoral dissertation) about the inner workings of fashion.

This is an intelligent book. Too bad it’s peppered with authorial faults of spelling, grammar and useage. But her observations are sharp, lucid and revelatory. Her style is lively.

You will never look at a magazine photo in the same way again.

Reviewed by Veronique in one of our review journals, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly : Reviewed by You.

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