New Library Podcast Episode

The fourth episode of the ‘Listeners in the Mist’ podcast features a great interview with Alison Jones, who works at Katoomba Library (and is a writer in her other life). You can listen to it here or subscribe to ‘Listeners in the Mist’ in iTunes.

What is a ‘podcast’ anyway?

A podcast is an internet radio show. We record the show, then upload the audio file (Mp3) online, where you can listen to it on your computer, or download it to put on your Mp3 player. You can listen to a podcast on-the-go, and at your leisure.

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3 Responses to New Library Podcast Episode

  1. That link wouldn’t work for me. I got a “How did you find this link” message.

    What has Alison published? Is she interested in the Australian Women Writers challenge? (It may be online, but it was created in Katoomba and was inspired by an experience at a BMCC library.)

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