Get even smarter: learn another language

Apparently, speaking more than one language broadens how you use your mind. And here at the library we are always keen in broadening minds, ours and others. Our online language learning program can help you  GET SMARTER Mango Languages is FREE to library members and offers an audio-visual online language learning program teaching practical grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural skills of some of the world’s most popular languages.

Read a previous Readers in the Mist blog entry about how to access Mango here or click on the image below to go straight to Mango.

Read on to see how learning another language will get you to be even smarter!

“Lera Boroditsky, a psychologist at Stanford who has done some fascinating work on how language shapes thought, pointed out in an e-mail that the real benefits of bilingualism far exceed the marginal cognitive edge captured in these studies:

There is one very important advantage of learning other languages that I think beats any gains in cognitive control or delays in the onset of dementia. When you learn other languages you can then actually speak those languages, read those literatures, talk to new people in their native language, eaves-drop on their conversations on the bus, order off the menu, pick up that gorgeous stranger in the piazza.  I think that’s cooler than having a few extra points on the Wisconsin card-sorting task.”

From Being Human blog, read the full article here

In an article titled “The Benefits of Being Bilingual”, Wired goes into further details. Read the article here.

Good Luck! Bonne Chance! Sretno! Καλή τύχη! Selamat maju jaya! Powodzenia! Lykke til! ¡Buena suerte! Buona fortuna!

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  1. Margaret Williams says:

    I love this service and have already investigated the French and Norwegian options. My son has made use of the Mandarin. I just need to find more time to get serious with another language. Thank you so much BM Library for your brilliant service.

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