Your Chance to Win!

If you’ve read something interesting lately, why not write a short review of it and send it to us for your chance to win a Love2Read prize pack!

During each month this year, The National Year of Reading 2012, the library is hosting a Love2Read Book Review Competition for library patrons.   

To enter the Book Review Competition, entrants are to write a book review of between 400 – 600 words. The book reviews must address a fiction or non-fiction book that fits into the theme for the relevant month. Entries are due by the last week day of each month.

The winner for each month will win a prize pack, and will also have the opportunity to read their winning entry on the library podcast, Listeners in the Mist.  

Monthly Themes:




Oct— Explore



General Terms & Conditions

1.   The entrant must be a current patron of the Blue Mountains Library, and over 16 years of age.

2.   Entry is free of charge.

3.   Entries must be the original work of the entrant.

4.   Patrons may enter the competition multiple times per month.

5.   Only entries received by the due date will be accepted.

Email your entry (including your name, borrower number and phone number) to: OR submit your printed entry to any Blue Mountains library branch (including your name, borrower number and contact phone number) .

Want some inspiration? Here’s the winning entry for August, by Warwick Stanbridge:

1Q84 by Huraki Murakami

Japanese author Huraki Murakami’s latest book ‘1Q84’ (1984 in Japanese) is a 900-page novel in three parts that addresses the idea of the relative or absolute nature of reality. The question what is real – and how do we know?

If this is the same world we woke up in yesterday, or last week, or even a year ago? In the novel a young woman (who is on a mission to assassinate a man who has committed a savage sex crime) is caught in a traffic jam in a large Japanese city. Hoping to save time she climbs down an industrial stair of a freeway and unwittingly enters a parallel world (1Q84) with two moons in the sky, where a strange group of creatures called the Little People manipulate the fate of the world. But the little people are not totally in control. An unseen force lies behind them that redresses the balance of power between humanity and their influence. When they, through various channels, become overpowerful, ‘something’ always mysteriously happens to force them to retreat into their own world.

Murakami’s protagonist has a long lost childhood sweetheart she is unwittingly moving towards in a tangled Skein of fate. In the world of 1984 she came from, she undertook to kill a prominent businessman who has committed crime against young girls. In this world he is actually the head of a sinister quasi-religious cult growing in power.

The question of what is moral or ethical nature appears in this book as a major backdrop. She finds her intended victim is far from the black hearted child molester she has undertaken to eliminate. He knows of her intentions and reveals himself to be a victim of fate (the Little People). His wish is to be free in death from his fate and actions. No one in this world is free to follow a path of their own choosing, every fate and action is derived from or entwined with other lives. The two reunited lovers flee the world of 1Q84 ahead of the avenging cult and the strangle Little People behind it, back into what they hope is the ‘real’ world. They can only hope. 

Murakami’s novel reads like a cross between the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stephen King and Philip K Dick. Nothing is absolutely real. Decisive actions only open up more possibilities (and questions). Life is a maze of forking and intersecting paths. The question of who, what and where we are at any given time can only be answered in a perceptive, not absolute, manner.


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