Book Cover Art Competition Winners

We are very happy to be able, finally, to let you all know who the winners of our Book Cover Art Competition were. This was a competition we held over August and September for children aged 6-12. The children were asked to re-imagine the cover of a favourite book.

After a bit of a slow start, the children of the Blue Mountains got their creative juices flowing and we had over 100 entries in the end which made for a very big and, because of the quality of the entries, a very difficult job for our judge, Sarah Gurich who is the Exhibitions Manager of the new Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba.

Sarah said, “I was particularly impressed by the thoughtfulness of the book cover designs. Each entry is a work of art, and each design shows a passion for books and for reading that is truly inspiring. To help me judge this competition, I visited my local library to find as many of the titles as I could – it was great fun to discover new books and rediscover old favourites. When it came to judging the Book Cover Art competition it was difficult to choose winners as the standard is of such a high quality. I would like to thank all the young readers who entered this competition. Keep reading and keep creating!”

The winners and those whose art works were highly commended will be presented with certificates and gift packs in a ceremony in Springwood Library on Monday 22nd October at 4pm. All of you are welcome to come along and afternoon tea will be provided. 

So here are the winners :

Winner Age 6-7 ~ Maya Griffin

Winner Age 8-10 ~ Gabriel Frechtling

Winner Aged 11-12 ~Peter Simpson

Sarah also awarded two Highly Commendeds in each age group.

Highly Commended Age 6-7 – Grace Clark

Highly Commended Age 6-7 ~ Daniel Oakey

Highly Commended Age 8-10 ~ Arid McCusker-Monk


 Highly Commended Age 8-10 ~ Daniel Smith

Highly Commended Age 11-12 ~ Benjamin McDonald

Highly Commended Age 11-12 ~ Catherine Jaworksi

 You can see all the entries in this Book Cases in the Mist video

Well done to all the children who entered the competition, you all did a fantastic job!

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