Katoomba Library Update

There are changes every day now …

  • All the boxes were moved last week and staff are putting items on shelves.  As do so the shelves are covered in plastic so that they do not get dusty
  • The lift cladding is being installed – should be in place by next week.  They will be working all weekend on this.  The wood section is done, they are just adding the plastic elements in between (to make it look like stained glass).
  • IT have started moving computers across, have connected the WiFi and are setting up the network
  • The chairs for the childrens area have arrived
  • Most of the signage has gone up – the Library, the open hours, the stair signage, meeting room, new books etc
  • Still to come – joinery for serials/newpapers/reserves, the Aboriginal Knowledge Collection display, shelf labels for the back of the shelves

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