2012 Patrick White Literary Award

It must be that time of year – here’s another award.

This Australian award is presented to authors who “have made a significant but inadequately recognised contribution to Australian literature.”

The award was established by Patrick White with his prize money for the 1973 Nobel Prize. 

Amanda Lohrey is the 2012 winner of the Patrick White Literary Award and wins $23,000. The judges praised Amanda Lohrey for her “outstanding contribution to Australian literature as a fiction writer and her distinguished work as an essayist.”  They went on to say, “In her fiction, Amanda Lohrey creates memorable characters shaped by moral or ethical dilemmas and questions. Her prose style  has developed a distinctive grace and lucidity in expressing these complex issues.”

Her work includes The Morality of Gentlemen (1984), The Reading Group (1988), Camille’s Bread (1995), The Philosopher’s Doll (2004), Reading Madame Bovary (2010), Vertigo (2008), and in non-fiction Secrets (1997) (with Robert Dessaix and Drusilla Modjeska) and Groundswell: The Rise of the Greens (2002)

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