Read Watch Play – Reading Themes for 2013

Happy New Year!

We staff of Blue Mountains City Library look forward to seeing you many times during the coming year. For those in the upper mountains, the new Katoomba Library deserves checking out. Staff there are very pleased to be out of the worn-out old building and are enjoying the space and the more comfortable working conditions. Not to mention that stunning view!

Down in the lower mountains Springwood Library staff are looking forward, not without some trepidation, to the Springwood Cultural and Community Facilities Upgrade. It will mean some upheaval, lots of noise and lots of work but the new community buildings will be a wonderful space for the community to engage in a wide range of activities.

Looking back just for a minute, you may have been aware of the National Year of Reading in 2012 (NYR2012).  Library staff got behind the NYR2012 campaign to lift the literacy rate of Australians (48% Australians are functionally illiterate) by promoting the joy of reading to everyone. We had extra programs like Listen In and the Katoomba Book Group; author talks; videos and podcasts to entice you to read for pleasure and to broaden your horizons.

We used the NYR2012 monthly themes to stimulate your reading experience and, with the NSW Readers’ Advisory Group leading the way, we plan to do the same in 2013.

This year we are going to Read Watch Play.

Here are the themes :

  • January : Re Read (#reread)
  • February : Heartreads (#heartread)
  • March : Ecoread (#ecoread)
  • April : Crimeread (#crimeread)
  • May : Indigiread (#indigiread)
  • June : Faraway (#faraway)
  • July : Artread (#artread)
  • August : Fur Read (#furread)
  • September : History Read (#historyread)
  • October : Ego Reads (#egoread)
  • November : Mo Reads (#moreads)
  • December : End Read (#endings)

You can use these themes (listed to the right of this blog post all through 2013). You might also like to use the monthly themes for your face to face reading groups or with friends and family. You might select one title each month which suits the theme, or you might like to use the theme and see what reading people bring along to talk about. Some of you may also like to Tweet about your reading and join the Twitter Reading Group.

To be involved in this reading group, you don’t have to tweet – you can just read along each month if you like. But if you tweet about what you are reading by tagging your posts with #rwpchat, other people will see what you are reading and might start conversations with you. The Twitter Reading Group will meet on the last Tuesday of each month from 8pm AEST.

Happy reading!

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