Read Watch Play Twitter Book Group – January : Re Read

Don’t forget the Twitter book group will kick off the Read Watch Play year with a live discussion next Tuesday January 29th at 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Use the hashtags #rwpchat and #reread to discuss what you have re-read, re-watch or re-played this month so you can join in the discussion too.

I re-read Ring of Bright Water. I tried afterwards to read it to my daughter but found I was unable to read even the funny bits without bawling because I knew the ending and we had to give up so we watched the film together. Virginia McKenna’s Scottish accent is dreadful but the otter and the scenery are the best.

The Twitter book group will meet the last Tuesday of every month so pop that in your diary, smartphone, MS Outlook, or tattoo it on your arm. Just remember and join in!

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