The case for e-Books


Are you wondering whether to buy an e-Reader and go digital with your reading? Are you resisting the urge to buy an e-Reader?

A study by  the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany may sway you. Researchers there have found found tablet and e-reader displays require considerably less effort to read than ink-on-paper for older eyes.

According to the research paper, discussed in a Lifehacker Australia post :

“The researchers monitored the neural effort required to process information on tablets, e-readers and paper by comparing the visual fixation duration and EEG measures of brain activity for each device.

The study compared an iPad 2 tablet, a Kindle 3 e-reader and 40cm sheets of paper. Font sizes, line spacing and page layouts were identical for all three devices.

Despite stating a strong preference for books, the elderly participants (60-77) found it easier to read the Kindle and iPad. By contrast, the printed page required the highest amount of cognitive processing.

‘The present findings suggest that digital media may provide advantageous reading conditions under certain circumstances, notably when they provide improved discriminability for older readers,’ the paper noted.

Interestingly, subjects between the ages of 21 and 34 showed little disparity between the three reading devices, which suggests this benefit of digital displays is exclusive to senior citizens”.

Read the full article here.

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