Saturday 25th May is Towel Day

Towel Day?

If you are a fan of the late Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll know that the 25th May is Towel Day in his honour.  It’s a simple concept, wear a towel around your neck all day in Adams’ honour.

Other things you can do are 

  • upload a picture on Facebook
  • use the above graphic as your facebook cover – it was created by Oren Mashovski. Get it here!
  • post on Flickr (tag it “#towelday” and add it to the group)
  • post a video on YouTube.

There are more ideas on the Towel Day website

Locally, (well in Sydney), the Kinokuniya bookstore is offering customers who wear a towel on Towel Day 20% off on their full price book purchase. But you must have your towel around your neck when you approach the cashier staff, your towel should preferably be a bathroom towel or large hand towel, and there is only one discount per towel and one discount per person.
Facebook event

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