Fairfax image collection on Trove

Fairfax collection now available online

The first batch of the glass-plate negatives from the Fairfax Glass Plate Collection has now been digitised and published. The images capture significant events, news and everyday life in Australia during the early 1900s. Fairfax Media donated more than 18,000 glass-plate photographic negatives to the National Library in December 2012. Since then, the Library has been undertaking an extensive project to restore, digitise and catalogue the collection.

Explore the first 4,000 images in Trove.

Image: Two Women Being Carried over Flooded Track at the Gerringong Motor Races, New South Wales, 10 May 1930 (detail). nla.pic-vn6220039

Find out more about the digitising of the Fairfax glass plate negative collection here.

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