Springwood Facilities Upgrade

Springwood Facilities Upgrade

From Monday, access to the Springwood Library Building will look quite different.

Parking : Please access parking for the Library via Macquarie Road. Use the Road that goes down the east side of Braemar House and past the Loading Zone/Courier area. You will still be able to park directly behind the Library in the two carparks there. Exit will be via the bottom exit into David Street as normal.
The carpark behind the Civic Centre will be closed, as will the Road between the Library and the Civic Centre/Neighbourhood Centre.

Building Access : Access to the Library will still be via the front doors.

Fencing : A fence will be going up between the Library and the Civic Centre/Neighbourhood Centre and all around the Civic Centre carpark.
This is considered a Construction Zone and it is prohibited for the public to enter this fenced area.

Customer Service : The Council Customer Service Desk which receives Rate payments and other Council functions will move upstairs to the Library to the new Customer Service Desk that will be installed in mid-late September.

Information : To keep up-to-date with what will be happening, please subscribe to the Council newsletter on this project by clicking here and/or you can visit the Blue Mountains Have Your Say site for updates on the project.

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