Read Watch Play Twitter Reading Group – August : Furread

This should have been a warm and cosy, furry read for these chiggly wiggly August days and nights. Cosying up with my dogs on the couch (in the very small space they leave me), I’ve been nosing through Do Dogs Laugh? by Jake Page. Anyone who has seen my girls running round the back garden playing chase would know the answer to that one before they pick it up but it’s a good read anyway.

What has been your #furread this month?

Share with us by joining this month’s live twitter discussion next Tuesday27 August starting at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Use the tags #furread and #rwpchat as you discuss your furry reading, watching and playing.

The Twitter book group meets on the last Tuesday of every month so pop that in your diary, smartphone, MS Outlook, or tattoo it on your arm. Just remember and join in!

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