Postcard from Sweden

You may or may not be aware that Blue Mountains City Library is a member of BookCrossing, a social networking site that celebrates literature and gives books a new life.

Good quality donated books that are not needed in the Blue Mountains City Library collection, are marked with a BCID (BookCrossing Identity Number). Each BCID is unique to that book, so once it’s registered on BookCrossing, the book can be followed all over the world as the book is passed from reader to reader. There are currently 1,079,965 BookCrossers and 9,098,231 books travelling throughout 132 countries.

Here is a postcard sent by Entombed (by Linda Fairstein) from Malmo, Sweden! (Click on the images to enlarge them if you need to)

Postcard front Sweden

Postcard back Sweden

You can join in spreading the Blue Mountains City Library BookCrossing books far and wide, by releasing books into our local community and further afield. Pack a BookCrossing book into your handbag or suitcase and release them in Lithgow, Sydney, Bourke, Adelaide, Edinburgh, Athens, New York … anywhere really! Just ask at your local Blue Mountains City Library branch.

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  1. Wow , What a great idea ! Not only are we virtually connected but physically too by passing on the reader’s batten (relay batten). I’ll spread the word and take a book on a journey next time. Pitty I didn’t know 3 weeks ago when I went to Singapore for IFLA. I could have set one free !

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