Read Watch Play 2013 – December : Endings

It is the end of the Read Watch Play year.  This is a time for looking forward, and a time for looking back.


It is also the time to think about #endread.  Does some reading make you think you will never reach the end of it (even when you are enjoying the journey).

What are your break up reads?  Do you read for Happily every after (HEA for those in the know)?  Do you like closure in an ending, or do you like lots of questions and endings which are open to speculation or with a lot of loose ends?  I know those kind of endings drive my book group crazy!  Do you think some endings are cop outs?  Do you read the last page first?

Do you read recipes because the story continues beyond the recipes, into your own adaption of the recipes?  Are there special recipes for the ending of the year? Any local favourites?

Are there never ending series (or nearly never ending series) which you enjoy? How about Sue Grafton‘s alphabet series about Kinsey Millhone? She’s coming to the end of the alphabet now.

What about end of the world writing?

Do you like game endings, or games without endings?

Any reflections on your reading, watching and playing for this year?

What do you think about adaptations, when the ending changes?

We hope you will join us in our #endread, and share your own #endread reading during.

There will be a twitter discussion from 8pm (AEST) on Tuesday 17 December to discuss #endread.  Use #endread and #rwpchat for the discussion. See you online then.

We will be back with more read, watch and play chat #rwpchat in 2014.

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