The Alphabet Library

The Alphabet Library is a nice thing The Telegraph is running that you might like to follow.

Every week Tim Martin will add another book to his A-Z of forgotten books. “The Alphabet Library will unearth treasures that are out of print yet available second-hand. Some of these overlooked novels, oblique histories, forgotten monographs and neglected adventures point onwards to larger stories about their times; others are just good reads that deserve revival. But all of them are worth a look.”


First in the series is Ariel by Andre Maurois. Go to The Alphabet Library for Tim Martin’s reasons for bringing this novel back to the public consciousness – “written by an Anglophile Frenchman in the gay Twenties, this featherlight meringue of a book would likely be mouldering at the bottom of history’s compost heap if not for its connection to the most famous bird in 20th-century literature.”

Who doesn’t want to read a “featherlight meringue of a book”?

Anyway, the link to the next letter is at the bottom of each post. Mr Martin is only up to C so there isn’t a great backlog of reading to do. Dive in, you never know what treasure you may find.

I’d be interested to know if anyone owns any of these ‘forgotten’ books . . .

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