Phoenix rising from the rubble

It hasn’t looked like much from Macquarie Road but if you take a peek from the car park behind the Library you can see that the builders, dozer drivers and concrete pourers have been busy and the ground floor and the lift shaft are in position.

Last week the steelwork arrived and things are moving rapidly and the skeleton of the building is taking shape.

first of the steels going in 26 Mar 2014

steels progress 26 Mar 2014

steels progress 27 Mar 2014

Staff leaving one evening found some of the security measures very amusing.  There’s no running away with that ladder!

securing the equipment at night 26 Mar 2014

In the next week or so we plan to have a display in Springwood so you can see some of the progress that has been made and get an idea of some of the projects that are still to happen.

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