Libraries of the Future Drawing Competition Winners

At our 40 & Fabulous Birthday Party in February, we ran a children’s drawing competition, asking kids to draw their vision for the Library of the Future. There were some amazing pictures and ideas, including the fabulous entries featured in the slideshow above, who have all won prizes.

We have got Libraries full of colourful creatures, Libraries where you can experience weightlessness thanks to the Anti-gravity Dome, Smiling & happy Libraries where having fun could mean reading or playing on the slide, Libraries where you shout the name of the book you want into a tube and the book pops out the other end for you, Libraries complete with pillow room AND water slides, Libraries with plenty of space for fun and for study, and even a colourfully abstract vision of Libraries of the Future.

Thanks to all of the children who entered this competition.

BUT… we need your help! We are having trouble getting in touch with some of the artists behind these prize winning drawings. Do you know any of the artists who drew these pictures? OR maybe you ARE the artist who drew one of these pics?

In particular, we are looking for Zenn (who has drawn the colourful, abstract impression at the end of the slideshow), Ingrid (whose Library of the Future has a very friendly, smiling face PLUS a slide), and a complete mystery artist (who has drawn the Library of the Future complete with chandelier and high-tech “book-caller” tube).

If one of these pictures is yours, please get in touch with Adrianna at Katoomba Library so we can get your prize to you!

Call Katoomba Library on 4780 5750.

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