“This cast a great gloom over us” – History Week event


“This cast a great gloom over us”: The mysterious disappearance of submarine AE1 and the first Australian casualties of the Great War.


Australia’s involvement in WWI before April 1915 has been overshadowed by the Gallipoli campaign and the Western Front. What do people really know about Australia’s conquest and occupation of the German Pacific colonies in late 1914? The Battle of Bita Paka in New Guinea on 11 September 1914 saw the first Australian casualties of the Great War. Just two days later off the coast of Rabaul, the submarine AE1 was lost with all hands. One hundred years later, AE1 has still not been found.

Katoomba Library is hosting Dr Stephen Gapps (public historian and museum curator) to give this talk on Saturday September 13 at 2pm, exploring some overlooked aspects of Australia in WWI and highlighting the forgotten legacies of Australia’s own imperial ambitions in the Pacific region during the war.

The Speaker Connect program is presented by the History Council of NSW.

Bookings are essential and can be made online here.

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