Every City Should Probably Have One

book-boat-cartoon-also-41194991This Is A Floating Library. Every City Should Probably Have One. This article from The Huffington Post is about art meeting and melding with libraries – the Floating Library is a pop-up, mobile device-free public space aboard the historic Lilac Museum Steamship berthed at Pier 25 on the Hudson River in New York City for September 6- October 3, 2014.

According to Floating Library’s website, the main deck will be “transformed into an outdoor reading lounge to offer library visitors a range of reading materials from underrepresented authors, artist books, poetry, manifestoes, as well as book collection, that, at the end of the lifecycle of the project, will be donated to local high school students with demonstrated need.”

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What a great idea although not entirely practical for the Blue Mountains that “Every City Should Probably Have One” . . . unless we don’t do something about climate change.

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