Borrow Book Club Kits from your Library!

Book Club Kits poster


Blue Mountains City Library has introduced a new collection of Book Club Kits to support our many local book clubs.

Kits include:

                                                                                                            * 8 copies of a title

                                                                                                            * Fact sheets about the book and author

                                                                                                            * Book reviews

                                                                                                            * Discussion questions


Local book clubs can apply for a special Book Club membership card and use this to reserve and borrow a set of books for the club. The kits are loaned for a 6 week period, allowing you all plenty of time to read, discuss and return the books. There are over 25 different book titles to choose from, and we will continue to add more titles as more groups join.

Membership is great value and can be arranged in one of two ways…

1) Donation of books:

If your group members have purchased their own books in the past, you may find that you have a number of past book club books cluttering up your collective shelves. If so, why not gather up 8 copies of the same book (check with our book club coordinator first to make sure we don’t already have it) and donate them to create a new Book Club Kit? Your donation entitles you to a 2 year membership.


2) Fee payment:

Alternatively a fee of $20 per member (minimum 8 members) gets you a 2 year membership, and we will put the funds towards purchasing new titles to create new kits.

For more information, ask Library staff or see our catalogue which has downloadable fact sheets.

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