Undaunted: the inspiring true story of an Australian man’s life on the edge


Hear author Hugh “Obi” O’Brien at Katoomba Library on Saturday 8th November, 2014 at 2pm.

Undaunted, by Hugh ‘Obi’ O’Brien, is an explosive autobiography chronicling Obi’s years spent in the Navy as a Clearance Diver, and then in the elite Tactical Assault Group, the Army’s counterterrorism unit. A highly elite group – failure is in the 80th percentile – TAG (East) is a secretive team of divers and commandos tasked with defending the domestic population from harm post 9-11.

Undaunted is a no holds barred, brutally honest autobiography full of strain and the pushing of mental and physical ability to the absolute limits. Obi opens up about numerous things throughout his time as a diver, and in the TAG (East), including:

  • The physical and mental impact the training and qualifications have on them
  • The tight bonds of brotherhood formed between those training together
  • The tests and tasks set upon them, involving bullets, real mines and explosives
  • His work in private security in the Middle East – he is currently working on his very last private security job in Baghdad, as part of the team tasked with protecting Australian Ambassador Lyndall Sachs.
  • Standout missions, including clearing Lake Burley Griffith ahead of a visit by the President of the United States, flying through Sydney in a Black Hawk Helicopter, and counterterrorism exercises prior to the Commonwealth Games
  • His lifelong battle with those predators of the sea… jellyfish

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be in the most elite of our Armed Forces; the pushing of physical ability to its absolute limits; to cut a hole in a piece of steel underwater; to have your life literally rest in the hands of your colleagues; to have a boat cut out just 100 metres from where over 400 kilograms of explosives are about to detonate or to go face to face with a huge octopus, then Hugh is the man for you. Undaunted is also a reflection on how the demands of such a job affects relationships with the people around you.

Copies of Hugh’s book will be available to purchase on the day courtesy of Megalong Books. It might just be the perfect gift for the difficult-to-buy-for man in your life!

Bookings appreciated | 4780 5750

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