Coo-ee! 100 years since the Coo-ee march

cooee ed

Coo-ee! It is 100 years since the Coo-ees traveled from Gilgandra to Sydney. They passed through the Blue Mountains in November 1915. The Coo-ee re-enactment march is coming through the Blue Mountains this week. See the re-enactment itinerary here.

In 1915 recruiting committees were formed in nearly every town throughout Australia. In the central west of New South Wales a movement began which became known as the ‘Gilgandra snowball’. 20 or so men who had determined to enlist started off to march to Sydney. Gathering other recruits along the way, they numbered about 300 by the time they reached Sydney. This was known as the Coo-ee March.

Want to find out more? For information about recruiting marches including Coo-ee, go here. Day by day account of the 1915 march here. And check out this article on our Local Studies blog.

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