A Death in the Family by Karl Ove Knausgaard

index (7)A Death in the Family by Karl Ove Knausgaard

London : Harvill Secker, 2012. 393 pages.

Found on the Adult Fiction shelves at KNAUSGARD

Karl Ove Knausgaard’s, A Death in the Family is book one of his six volume memoir, My Struggle.

The cycle, four of which are now translated into English from Norwegian, has been contentious due to the author’s positioning of the work as fiction.

Chronicling his earliest memories up until the present using the real names of his characters, Knausgaard relies upon an exact recollection which when detailed exquisitely, enables a memoir to transcend its form and read as a more imagined and spontaneous literary equivalent.  This leads to many Knausgaards.  The Knausgaard who is living in the World before the next Knausgaard transcribes to realise the Knausgaard portrayed in the novel.  The separation of the artist from their work has long since led to two very distinct creatures.  Joseph Beuys statement that every human being is an artist and Martin Kippenberger’s excellent response in continuing this investigation, that, every artist is a human being, is somewhere along the way to finding our numerous Knausgaards, at once trying to be a human being and an artist and how each occupation can eliminate the other.

Let’s hope the loop continues.

One of my favourite contemporary writers – highly recommended.

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