Centenary of the death of Henry James

Henry_James_7752100 years ago today American author Henry James died in Chelsea, London. He is best known for writing about the New World meeting the Old; the clash of cultures as Americans encounter Europe and Europeans.  He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911, 1912, and 1916.

Henry James was born in April 1843 in New York into a well-to-do family. Between 1855 and 1860 the family spent a lot of time in Europe often in France where the young Henry became fluent in the language.

Henry James had his first work published in 1863, a review of a stage performance and a short story, A Tragedy of Error, was published in 1864.  His first novel, Watch and Ward was published several years later in 1870.

In the late 1860s he travelled again to Europe meeting other prominent authors such as  John Ruskin, Charles Dickens, Matthew Arnold, William Morris and George Eliot. In 1869 he settled in London where Macmillan publishers, who published stories in installments, later to be published in book form. TBy late 1875 James had moved to Paris for a year where he met the authors Emile Zola, Alphonse Daudet, Guy de Maupassant and Ivan Turgenev among others. In fact, he spent the next three decades until his death in Europe.

More can be read in this Wikipedia webpage.

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