Beamafilm – have you given it a try yet?

beamafilmLet your library card take you on a journey equal parts cringe inducing and impossible to stop watching!

Three weeks ago I hadn’t heard of Anthony Weiner or Huma Abedin, now I’ve heard them mentioned too many times to count in the run up to the US election. This is an amazing political documentary which I haven’t stopped thinking about since watching it three weeks ago. If you are still deep in American politics but can’t stomach any more of the current election watch this for free through Beamafilm on the library website.


“…superb fly-on-the-wall documentary…Voters love a tale of redemption, so the more important questions for the scandal-ridden politician are these: Do you have the gumption to keep claiming you’ve done nothing wrong when all evidence is to the contrary? When your lies are about to drag you under, how willing are you to grovel publicly for forgiveness? How much are you prepared to put your family through? How much public humiliation, in other words, can you stomach?” –
Leigh Sales,

“The result is probably the most intense, fascinating, and alarming profile of the extreme “P-type” personality I’ve ever seen. It is raw, upsetting, and the purest imaginable catnip for aficionados of political scandal.” – Annabel Crabb

Weiner is infuriating and depressing but rivetingly watchable. –
New York Times

“…a political scandal in slow motion” – The Guardian

To use Beamafilm just go to the Blue Mountains Library online catalogue and choose the Beamafilm portal. Once you’ve entered your Library card number, you have a world of documentaries and indie films to choose from.

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