A Treasure Trove of Early Fiction in Australia

You may be familiar with Trove, The National Library’s online database of books, images, historic newspapers, maps and music. Digitized Blue Mountains newspapers were recently added to the collection and it is a great resource for those interested in our local history.

A new project, The Australian Newspaper Fiction Database, has uncovered over 21,000 works of fiction on Trove, from both Australia and overseas, that were published in 19th and early 20th century Australian newspapers. While many of the works are from famous authors and are still well known today, there has been a wealth of newly rediscovered authors and stories that until now were lost to history.

The database allows you to search for fiction, read and correct story text through Trove, identify and add new instalments and stories you may have found yourself and also to download as text a story you have corrected.

To read more about the project and its founder Katherine Bode read the article in the Canberra Times.

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