Good Reading Magazine – October 2018

The October issue of Good Reading magazine is ready for you to enjoy through Blue Mountains Library!

In this month’s edition:

  • Beauty from Chaos: Swedish-Australian writer Kristina Olsson on Shell, her striking novel about 1960s Australia, conscription, and the construction of the Sydney Opera House.
  • Moriarty’s Return: Liane Moriarty interrogates the new religion of mindfulness in her highly anticipated new novel Nine Perfect Strangers.
  • Singer-songwriter Holly Throsby on the unsolved Aussie mystery that haunts her new novel Cedar Valley.
  • Jodi Picoult on conducting over 150 interviews for her new novel A Spark of Light.
  • Kate Morton tells us about her mother, the antiques dealer and her new book The Clockmaker’s Daughter.
  • Celebrate the connections between trees in a new illustrated edition of The Hidden Life of Trees.

Latest podcast:

EPISODE #11: As ABC political correspondent Laura Tingle put the finishing touches on her latest Quarterly Essay, Follow the Leader: Democracy and the rise of the strongman, Canberra descended into chaos. Dutton challenged, Turnbull fell, Morrison won. After some lightning-fast edits, the updated essay came out in the wake of the turmoil, and it examines Australian politics and the leaders of Germany, America, and China in order to answer the question in the minds of many: What the hell is going on?

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