Good Reading Magazine – JUNE 2020

The June issue of Good Reading magazine is ready for you to enjoy through Blue Mountains Library!


This Month

Jack McEvoy returns in Michael Connelly’s Fair Warning. This time Jack is facing a criminal mind unlike any he has faced before. After Jack’s one-night stand is brutally murdered he begins a risky investigation into the murder and the person behind it, connecting it to a series of deaths across the country. But Jack also has to clear his own name after being named as a suspect. In our article, Michael Connelly delves into the changing face of the world he called home before becoming one of the world’s greatest mystery novelists.

Nerve by Eva Holland tells the story of her journey into the world of phobias, answering the deep questions: Why do we feel fear? Is there a cure to fear? She meets with scientists working on a single pill to cure fears and individuals who don’t feel fear due to a rare disease. Holland also confronts her own fears on this journey, spurred by the unexpected loss of her mother.
‘Fear is your body telling you to stay alive … once you clear the depths of overreactions you can learn to trust the reactions that are true and rational.’

In The Cake Maker’s Wish single mum Olivia and son Darcy have just moved from Tasmania to the English Cotswolds for a new start. The Renaissance Project in their new town plans to bring the community back to life, bringing in migrants from around the world and sparking the economy. For Olivia, it means Darcy can finally meet his father. It might also be an opportunity for romance to spark for the first time in seven years. ‘Food gives me a focal point … the setting and food come before the characters or even the plot.’

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