What Library staff are reading

Here are some of the books our staff are enjoying this September.

The Shadow of Night is the second of the All Souls
Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and quite a tome!
I highly recommend The Midnight Library by Matt Haig – a very fun escapist read …

I am currently reading this beautiful 1833 copy of the Phaedo by Plato

It’s a short dialogue between Socrates and his friends arguing for the immortality of the soul. I am really enjoying it! The dialogue is beautifully written and is accessible to the non-expert. 

The old book itself is like a time capsule, the feel and smell of its hand-cut paper drew me in at hello, and its spine and boards, weathered with age speak of a time gone-by.  

I highly recommend this book for everyone in general, but for those who like philosophy, and Plato, in particular. 

Other translations are available online:

Phaedo translated by by E. M. Cope (1875 translation)

Phaedo – The Last Hours Of Socrates translated by Benjamin Jowett (1871 translation)

Once there were wolves by Charlotte McConaghy

Give me a novel set in the wild Scottish highlands and I’m in!

I really enjoyed reading this novel. Once there were wolves weaves together a love story, a murder mystery, a story of sisterhood, and of trauma and healing. It is also a story that pays tribute to the wild creatures that inhabit our world.

At the moment I am listening to The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis which is YA fiction available on Borrowbox through our library. This book follows the story of three teenage boys who all live very different lives to one another but get pulled together somehow after the death of their mutual best friend. Main themes found in the book so far are grief, friendship and relationships.

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