September eBookClub

This month we are reading Happy Hour by Jacqui Byron

This month, rather than Ben’s Book Club, we will join Together We Read on Tuesday September 20th, 7.00pm for a chat with the author.

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About the Book

One woman, two dogs, and a lot of gin: Happy Houris a book about how new friends can become new family, but old friends should never be underestimated. It’s about a woman who decides she’s had enough of life only to learn that’s not her decision to make. It’s about freedom, dependency, grief, and forgiveness. And it’s about getting older but not necessarily wiser, and very rarely nicer. Gin in one hand, paintbrush in the other, Franny Calderwood has turned her back on the world, at least the world she used to know. At 65 her beloved Frank is dead, mowed down by an ice-addled driver.

Franny lives a life of decadent seclusion, until the Salernos move in next door. A troubled but charming trio made up of beleaguered mother Sallyanne, angry teenager Dee and eccentric eight-year-old Josh, the family manage to breach Franny’s fortress, literally and figuratively; it’s hard to enjoy your Tanqueray when someone’s either crying or yelling over the garden fence. In their own way, each Salerno is captivated by their witty, cantankerous neighbour, especially Dee, who admires the older woman’s self-confidence and independence. None of them see the pain lurking behind Franny’s intoxicating (and often intoxicated) screw-the-world persona. Franny’s flamboyant drinking habits lead to trouble, and there is an element of pain lurking behind Franny’s intoxicating (and often intoxicated) screw-the-world persona. No longer defiant, she now seems defeated. The Salernos withdraw just as Franny finds herself in the intolerable situation of needing temporary care.

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