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NoveList Plus

Do you ever find yourself with nothing to read, and unsure where to turn next? The NoveList Plus website has a wealth of Readers’ Advisory assistance, with a number of ways of finding your next book. Search by mood, genre, age range, read-alikes or award winners. Make your own combo with themes you would like to read with the Appeal Mixer tool, which will make suggestions based on your preferences.

Can’t remember the title of a book you read, but can describe a character or a few details? You can enter key words into the search bar, and NoveList will do its best to name your book.

Need some book discussion guides for your book club? NoveList Plus has you covered.

These are just a few of the things you can do, and you can access it all  through the Blue Mountains Library website. Just follow the link above, or head to our eResources page for NoveList Plus other great premium databases.


Creative Writing Workshop

‘Essentials of Fiction’ is a dynamic workshop delivered by Keith Whelan for our Mountains of Stories creative writing workshop series. Saturday 14 October at Katoomba Library, 10am to 3pm.


Keith has extensive experience in teaching and practicing Creative Writing and has authored and co-authored books across various genres. Keith believes that the best fiction can create intense experiences for the reader: it makes people cry and laugh out loud, stay up all night reading, lets them escape their daily routine and live other lives, changes the way they see the world and becomes a part of their memories. He believes that you can learn how to write fiction that does all this. ‘Essentials of Fiction’ puts the tools in your hands.

Ages 16+, $25 book and pay at any Library Branch.

Alison’s Picks October 2017

block abstract

All Together Now – Gill Hornby

The Woman on the Stairs – Bernhard Schlink

Theft by Finding: Diaries Volume 1 – David Sedaris

First Person – Richard Flanagan

Mysterium – Boardgame Review

Looking for some gaming inspiration? Here is a review of Mysterium by one of our board game enthusiasts.


I’ve had this board game since Christmas and it is still a total joy to play. A cooperative game for 2-7 players it is part Cluedo and part Dixit (if you haven’t heard of it, do yourself a favour). One player is the ghost while the other players are mediums. The ghost is trying to give the mediums clues to guess who has been murdered, in what location and with what weapon. The clues take the form of vision cards which are dreamlike illustrations with which the mediums work together to figure out which suspect, location or weapon the ghost is pointing them to. There are only a limited number of rounds available before the game is lost to the board.

As a cooperative game, it is great if you usually play (or avoid playing) board games with a bad sport.

Since there is no reading involved it’s great to play with children (suggested for 8+) but is just as enjoyable for adults.

It is also a fascinating exploration of the way each player’s brains work, with something seeming entirely obvious to you is missed by everyone else.



Did you know that Katoomba Library has a variety of board games available to play on the weekends? Our titles include:

Citadels * Monstrous *Adventure Time Love Letter * Backgammon * Playing Cards * Memory Match * Sequence * Beetle * Rummikub * Monopoly * Cadoo * Junior Pictionary * Connect 4 * The Logo Game * Trivial Pursuit * Cranium * Scrabble * Ortuga (by local game designer) * Animalacious (by local game designer)

Come and join the fun, and don’t forget to look out for our next special games day, where staff will be hand to help get the games going, and the choices get even greater!



Kids – Learn Illustration from A True Professional!

Cheryl Orsini

Kids! A unique school holidays opportunity – learn illustration tips from a true professional! Cheryl Orsini will be holding two workshops at Katoomba Library on Friday 6th October – she’s one of Australia’s top children’s illustrators and, in these fast-paced, funny and highly interactive workshops, she’ll teach kids to create their own storylines and storybook characters. All materials are provided but children can choose to bring their own sketchbook.

7 – 10 years 10.30am to 11.30am, and 11 – 14 years 12noon to 1.00pm. $10 per child, book and pay at any Library branch.

eBook of the Month – September

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

This month’s title is rated 4.5 stars on Good Reads.

Neil Gaiman’s work has been honoured with many awards, including the Newbery and Carnegie Medals. In this anthology he presents his version of the Norse myths. His work is based on the earliest written sources from the 13th century and retold in his own distinctive voice.


You will find our eBook collection on two platforms. AXIS360 has over 2500 titles in fiction, non fiction, YA and children’s titles.

BorrowBox has our newer titles and includes the eAudio collection. Find information on how to sign up on the library website, or ask staff for details.

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