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Podcast with author Susan Boyer

Our latest podcast episode features Susan E. Boyer, author of more than twenty books in the educational field. ‘People in Australia’s Past – their stories, their achievements’ was her first book on Australian history and reflects her interest and passion … Continue reading

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>Bringing Them Home interviews online

> To mark the second anniversary of the apology to members of the Stolen Generations, the National Library has launched a special website featuring the oral history interviews with people who were involved in or affected by the removal of … Continue reading

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>Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains

> I spent the last couple of days last week in one of my other guises – that of volunteer firefighter looking for a missing English backpacker. He left the youth hostel in Katoomba on Friday 3rd July to go … Continue reading

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>The Time We Have Taken

>AUTHOR: Steven Carroll PUBLICATION DATE: 2007 No. PAGES: 327. CATEGORY: Adult fiction. TIME PERIOD: Second half of the twentieth century. PLOT SUMMARY: This is the third book of Steven Carroll’s trilogy, based in an unnamed Melbourne suburb. It follows the … Continue reading

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>The ballad of Desmond Kale

>AUTHOR : Roger McDonald PUBLICATION DATE : 2005 No. PAGES : 638 pp. CATEGORY : Historical fiction GEOGRAPHICAL SETTING : Australia TIME PERIOD : Late 1700s PLOT SUMMARY : This is an historical novel set in the early years of … Continue reading

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>The Apricot Colonel

> TITLE: The Apricot Colonel AUTHOR: Marion Halligan PUBLICATION DATE: 2006 No. PAGES: 263 CATEGORY: Adult Fiction GEOGRAPHICAL SETTING: Canberra and environs TIME PERIOD: Contemporary, summer 2003. PLOT SUMMARY: Cassandra Travers is a thirty-something editor who is good at her … Continue reading

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