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How to Spot Fake News

In this post-truth environment, being able to tell the real from the fake is more difficult yet more important than ever. (Post-truth was the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2016).

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) have produced this infographic with eight simple steps for you to follow in order to verify what you are reading or watching is reliable.  This infographic can be downloaded and shared freely.

Academic libraries are coming up with some useful fake news spotting guides for students. One good one is that of the University of Toronto Libraries and another is by Fordham University Libraries.  These, and others, give good links to sites to help you verify what you are reading whether it’s an item of interest that’s just popped up in your Facebook or Twitter feed, or a friend or colleague sharing news on something shocking or improbable.


Internet Training

Desktop PCDo you need help with the web?

Would you like some assistance with setting up an email account?

All Blue Mountains City Library branches have Volunteer Internet Trainers who can assist you with your internet needs one-on-one.

Contact your local library branch today to organise an appointment.

Seniors Internet Training

Coinciding with Seniors Week (17-24 March 2013) the Library is offering one-on-one internet training for senior members of the community.

The available Senior Inernet Training sessions are as follows :

Blaxland Library (4739 4284)      Tuesday 5 March

Blackheath Library (4787 8893)    Wednesday  6th March

Springwood Library (4723 5040)     Tuesday 12th March

Lawson Library (4759 1446)     Wednesday 13th March

Katoomba Library (4780 5750)      Tuesday 19th March

Wentworth Falls Library (4757 2095)      Wednesday 20th March

All sessions are from 10am-12noon and places are limited so call your local library branch now to book yourself in.

Internet Strike!

Did you know that some internet sites will be on strike later this week? 

There is a bill before the US congress called SOPA [The Senate version of the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In the Senate the bill is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).]  A large number of US based internet companies and clients are protesting against the bills.

How does this affect Australia? 

Some of the websites that will be participating in the strike are ones your clients use regularly including Wikipedia (going dark for 24 hours). Read this Reuters article for more information. On the Strike Against SOPA website there is a long list of other sites that have confirmed they are going on ‘strike’.  

The strike will be for 12-24 hours on 18 Januaryin the US which is Thursday 19 January for Australia.  It is not entirely clear to what extent that the strike may affect access to websites in countries outside the US, but we thought it is important enough to alert you to the potential for some disruption.

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