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Save Power Kits at the Library

Have you ever wondered how much power your appliances are using? Where those draughts are coming in from? Just how long you are spending in the shower? The library has a kit to help you answer those questions.

Save Power Kits come with a number of tools to help you make informed decisions about the amount of power that is being used around the home. You may be surprised to discover that just having your appliances plugged in is costing you money. Washing machines, chargers (even when nothing is connected to them), TVs and many other appliances are drawing power if not turned off at the wall. Included in the kit is the clever Power Mate Lite, which will calculate the cost of running your appliances. Just enter the amount you pay for you electricity, plug it in, and it will work out the rest.

The Save Power Kits come in a specially fitted out case and contains six items:

  • A ‘How to Use the Power Kit’ book
  • Power Mate Lite which measures the amount of power used by an electrical appliance and estimates how much that appliance would cost to run for a specified amount of time
  • Stopwatch to time yourself in the shower
  • Infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of objects from a distance so heat lost/gained can be measured
  • Thermometer (ordinary one) to measure room, fridge and freezer temperatures
  • Compass to identify north and west facing rooms that get more warmth from the sun.

In addition, each borrower will get a worksheet and an Action Plan for future action in the home to reduce power consumption.

The kits are a great way to work out your energy use, but they are also a lot of fun!

The Save Power Kits can be borrowed for 3 weeks and can be put on Hold like other library materials.


Save Power Kit by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage

Save Power Kit by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage

Reservable at your local Blue Mountains City Library branch.

Plot Summary : You borrow these kits that contain a variety of instruments and worksheets that allow you to work out how much power you are using and perhaps wasting and change to energy efficient behaviours.

Review : I used only the power meter. For many appliances you can simply plug in and read the KW per hour without worrying about setting up the timer if the appliance uses a constant amount of power, eg. pool pump – much easier.

Achieved great insight into our power consumption, eg. laptop uses more power than the fridge! TV on standby not a worry.

Would be great educational tools for kids.

Reviewed by : Heather

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