Library Lovers’ Day 2016

It doesn’t get more romantic than this!

Library Lovers Day

Carolyn’s Books of the Month – February 2016

carolyns-books-of-the-monthBEST READS for February 2016

Best Read : The Perfumer’s Secret by Fiona McIntosh

Australian Author : Swimming Home by Mary-Rose MacColl

Thrillers : Little Black Lies by SJ Bolton and No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary

General Fiction : The Good Girl by Fiona Neill

Crime Fiction : The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

Romance Fiction / Saga : The Secrets We Share by Emma Hannigan

Feb 2016

I found this on the Stephen’s Lighthouse blog and he’d found it on a site called Compound Interest where, as well as this infographic, there is a detailed explanation of why books smell like they do wherever they are in their lifecycles.

I thought it was interesting to anyone else like me who loves the smell of books.


Mountains of Stories: Creative Writing Workshops at Blue Mountains Libraries


Mountains of Stories 1

Back for 2016 this very popular series of creative writing workshops hosted by Blue Mountains City Library with the first workshop to be held at Springwood in the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub on March 5, 10am-3pm.

This will be a Romance Writing workshop facilitated by Keith Whelan. Keith has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Griffith College, Dublin. He runs workshops in Public Libraries on writing, ranging from Beginners Instruction in Creative Writing, to Travel Writing, to Writing for Children.

Places in all workshops are limited and bookings for all are now open, so get in early to book your space. Cost is $25 including light refreshments. Book and pay at any library branch or call 4780 5750 for more information. Minimum age 16 years.

Mountains of Stories 2

#speedread, the Read Watch Play theme for February 2016


This month the Read Watch Play theme is #speedread. Will you be racing through your way through your #speedread choices, or taking things at a more leisurely pace?

Delta II rocket - ICESat and CHIPSat

Delta II rocket – ICESat and CHIPSat – NASA on the Commons

How quickly do you want to get through a gripping page-turner, keen to find out what happens next? Are there books you’ve not been able to put down until you finished reading them? Or do you prefer to take your time and savour the words? Maybe it’s an easier read… a Mills and Boon that you whizz through, or a fast-paced western. Does Dr Who time-travelling faster than the speed of light grab your attention?

Exam preparation sometimes has to be a speedy affair – identifying and pulling out the relevant information from resources and textbooks as quickly and efficiently as possible before the exams.

Do you prefer your books to be short, or even shorter than that? Is your attention best kept by short stories? Some writers can be very quick reads indeed, even if those books aren’t particularly short – the writer’s style just makes it easy to sprint through.

Athletics and sports often emphasise the importance of speed. You could be a fan of racers and racing in a particular sport. Are fast carsboats, or sports such as luge or downhill skiing your favourite sports? Speed is often behind world record attempts – the fastest person, animal, vehicle – and the need to break those records is a driving force for some people. Take a look at The World’s Fastest Indian and Donald Campbell’s Bluebird. Time taken to travel overland and in the air was shortened by services such as bullet trains and Concorde, the commercial airliner that broke the sound barrier.

Do you love getting out on your motorbike at weekends? Sons of Anarchy are fond of the biker lifestyle too, but the TV series portrays a darker side of motorcycle clubs.

The pace of plot development in some books can make them a #speedread. Action and thriller books and films, often carry the reader along at a fast pace through the twists and turns in the plot. For example try James BondJason Bourne books and films, and the books of Matthew Reilly.

Are you a fan of fast classical music, such as the Minute Waltz or Flight of the Bumble Bee, or is modern electronic dance something that gets your blood pumping?

Speed is also slang for amphetamines. Find out the impact this drug had on Lemmy from rock band Motorhead in his autobiography White line fever. However, you might be more interested in a professional pharmacological opinion of them instead.

Find out how to get things done quickly. It could be fast cleaning and saving time on housework15 minute mealsspeed dating. While we’re on the subject of dating, what about taking the time to show how much you care about your libraries on Library Lovers Day (14th February)? Maybe you prefer to slow it down instead and take your time. Do you prefer slow cookingrelaxing walks rather than running, taking time to get to know someone? Your pace of life might be something you want to change, so it might be time for a sea change/tree change.

A fast paced life often calls for quick thinking. Some of the quick thinking techniques in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink could be what you need.

If you’re looking for easy and quick reads for children you could try out these recommendations for those in middle school, or these graphic novels for children.

What will be your favourite #speedread this month? Don’t forget …while you are reading, playing or watching your #speedread, you might like to tweet about it using the hashtags #speedread and #rwpchat so that other people can have a conversation with you about your #speedread.  You can add to the discussion on Pinterest too. You might like to post your photographs to Instagram or Flickr and use #speedread #rwpchat there too so others can share in your reading, watching and playing.

A date for your diary : There will be a Twitter discussion on 23 February starting at 8pm.  Note this is a staggered discussion with participants in New Zealand, Singapore and Europe among other places.

Use the tags #speedread and #rwpchat as you discuss the reading, watching playing that is your experience of #speedread, so others can join in the conversation too.

Gary Green (Surrey Libraries)

State Library of NSW History Lounge – on Facebooktate Library of NSW History Lounge on Facebook

Have a look at the new State Library of NSW History Lounge on Facebook (you will need to be logged in to Facebook to see the content).

This is a place where curators will share fascinating and little-known snippets from the Library’s collections, and group members will be encouraged to join in with the stories they care about.

Everyone is welcome!


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